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About Janet......

I am a singer songwriter, but only since the day that the US invaded Iraq in 2003.  I was always musical, but had never written a song until that date. I had been inspired by the writings of Martin Luther King, and the Riverside speech when he said "there comes a time when silence is betrayal....."   When the first bombs were dropping I felt that it seemed I could do nothing. Then I remembered I DO have a voice.  I was told as a youth that I sounded like Joan Baez. SO I decided to write songs that gave life to the stories of those who have no voice............. the ones who have needlessly died, the poor, the victims of violent crimes such as wars.  

So to date January 2019, I have recorded many songs, released 5 cds, all with radio airplay in many countries.  I am now soon going to be releasing a 6th CD after a 10 year hiatus. I went through a major brush with cancer in 2009, and recorded that CD while on chemotherapy.  

My new CD will be titled "It is here I leave  you Dragon", which is a song about my letting go of the cancer. I have once again joined the movement, both through music and the antiwar movement.

I am just reopening my website, so stay tuned, while I learn more about how to do this.

We had come seeking peace Lyrics